Welcome Back

Posted On 22 January 2014 by Michael

Wow, it has been a long time since I logged in to post on this blog.  I have been out for almost a full two months and there seems to have been some issues with the sites that have caused some concern.  Fortunately, most of it has been worked out and we are back up!

First, I need to get the formalities out of the way…

All of here hope your Holidays were full of happiness and joy, no matter how you celebrated them and my wish for all of us is that 2014 is THE year!

I am going to keep this blog post fairly short, but the main push of this post is to tell you that I will begin using another for blog posts.  I think most of you have been on the Hotel site, but as a reminder the address is:

This is where you will find new blog posts.  I hope that this does not cause anyone any extra grief, but to make it a bit easier, I will post on both sites for some time so that people can get familiar going to the Hotel site for info rather than here.  Please bear with me on this minor change.

As a reminder, I am here every day except Sunday, usually until mid-afternoon.  My doctors working on my eyes have threatened me about rest and it boggles my mind how they expect you to rest all of the time, they did some work on my “good” this last time and since it my only one left, I will listen a little bit!  Call me here at the office if you have questions or concerns, I can go into much more detail one on one that I can in this format.  So, please call.  Here is the US line for the office:


In closing, it needs to be said that we sincerely appreciate all of the kind words and all of the support that we have received from most of you through some of these difficult times.  All of you have been a source of strength and the real reason we are still fighting.  I sincerely hope to hear from all of you soon!


Posted On 24 January 2014 by Michael

I met with the new State Secretary of Tourism of Rosarito this week, this is a gentleman we have known since we have been in Mexico, and therefore we get a little better information than someone off the street.  It seems the big push this year will be to begin to form the infrastructure needed for the Baja Center (the State Convention Center) which is located less than one from us and the start of an urban renewal project in the heart of Rosarito.  This guy has a lot of influence with the State government for the region under his watch runs from Ranch Del Mar (the bridge one mile south of us) all the way down to La Mission, the area of the largest concentration of Americans in Northern Baja.  This is the “real” dollar economy of Baja.

There were over 60,000 attendees at the different events held at the convention center last year and the vast majority of them returned to Tijuana of lodging and dining because of the lack of suitable facilities in Rosarito and the area.  This guy is livid about the sorry statistics of Rosarito capturing more of that market.  He is determined to see more of that business stay in our area.  Maybe a new ally?

This guy has been office for less than a month and has obtained over 65% of the funding necessary to begin a mid-level urban renewal project in Rosarito.  It seems they are going to start a “pedestrian tourism district” that they are comparing to the Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego, CA.  There have been rumors about this for years, but never anything on paper and finally we will see some progress.  You know, it seems that maybe there is some real recovery in sight.  This is very good news for all of us, the viability of this area as a resort destination seems to be slowly growing again.  As these things progress, I will keep you informed.

As it has been, a lot of calls from people and many, many visits at the first of the year.  I want to thank all of you for your concern and the time you invest to come visit.  If there is anything we can do to help make your trip more convenient, let me know.  Call the office anytime and if I cannot get to the phone, I will call you back at my earliest convenience. As a reminder, this is the US number:


Talk with you soon.

President's Day

Posted On 17 February 2014 by Michael

Wow.  It looked like the old days in Rosarito this weekend; it was full of people and mostly Gringos.  Good news for those looking to rent their condos.  We spoke with the owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, he told us that last year (2013) the hotel operated at a 20% higher occupancy rate than the year before and that year (2012) was 20% higher than the year before.  Maybe there truly has been some tangible recovery at least in our area.  Like most of you, I listen to the U.S. news agencies and they keep spouting about the “real” recovery that is taking place in the U.S. economy, but from my standpoint, I’m not buying it.  I personally haven’t seen any evidence of an economic recovery that can be felt in one’s wallet.  Oh well, I had better stop now.  The last thing I need is a debate on politics!

Jack and I were at an AMPI event in Rosarito a couple of weeks ago.  AMPI is the Mexican equivalent of a States Realtor’s Association.  The President of Baja California’s AMPI chapter was there and we had an opportunity to speak in depth with her about how the real estate market in this area has drastically improved.  Just a couple years ago, very few properties priced over $150,000USD even had a chance of selling, but the inexpensive properties ($90,000USD to $120,000) were selling a decent rate.  Now, it seems that most of that inexpensive inventory has been bought up and the average price of listed properties is over $300,000USD.  So, maybe in our little corner of the world we have experienced some tangible recovery.  It will be curious to watch as we move into the warmer months how this trend progresses.  I will keep you informed.

Because of the three day weekend, we had quite a few visitors at the project, in fact a lot of faces I hadn’t seen in a while.  One client came down with his wife, his sister-in-law and her husband.  The reason I am telling you this is he had not crossed the border since 2007 as a result of the media blitz on the security issues in Tijuana.  They all are coming back and no matter what, this is still a dollar economy and we will continue to see prices climb in all sectors of this region.  It is satisfying to see things get closer to what we witnessed before the world changed when the credit markets failed; all of this has just taken longer than ANY of us could have imagined.  Maybe it is true, patience is a virtue.

Again, I invite any of you to the project and see with your own eyes some of the things I have been telling you recently.  There seems to be a slight buzz in the air and it feels good.  The weather has been incredible; we have not had any winter at all.  Granted, California needs the rain, but holy cats, it is nice outside!  Let us here from you or better yet, come visit.  Hopefully, I will some more of you guys soon.

Just a note...

Posted On 26 March 2014 by Michael

Hey Guys!  Been very busy down here,  seen a lot of contract holders and many technical people visiting the project.   

Maybe one of these days, something tangible is going to come out of all of this work and all of this time!  We have gotten a little more involved with the local real estate community and has been good, for so many of these people we have known from the begining.  It is good to see values on an average over $300,000 now with the likelihood that this is going to be a very good summer.  It shall be exciting to see how it all plays out.

I am in the office eveyrday, call me at the office so that I may better be able to answer questions you may have.

619-819-6759 US line

Good News!

Area Sales REAL ESTATE Costa growing tourist.
Posted On 07 April 2014 by Michael

This format is not the best for this, but maybe you can make out the article.  Great artcle on growth in our market segment.  there is a lot going on with all concerned right now.  It is all good!